Camp and Camp

Man, there seems to be two things that youth ministry revolves around Summer Camp and Winter Camp. These two events which take so much planning and execution are great, but just when you have one all figured out and planned you are making the plans for the next one. Then when you throw in Missions trips and activities and service projects and . . .

It seems like I’m always having to plan some major event and then a bunch of little ones. This is fun and all and these events are totally worth the effort because of the change that they create in the lives of students, but man do they keep one busy.

6 months just fly by

Well the past six months have just flown right by,

So much has happened that it would be hard to write about. But here are the high lights. I started working as the student ministries pastor at the Northgate Church, in Seattle, WA.

Our church has voted to sell our current campus and move to a campus that will better meet our needs as a church. This new campus will also open up amazing opportunities for growth.

This process of becoming in essence a new church is very exciting and scary at the same time. We don’t know all the challenges ahead of us, but we are ready to go where God is leading.

The hearts of the leaders and of the people are becoming brand new. It is really quite a unique thing that is happening. I would hesitate to call it a revival, but a re-birth.

I would never have thought a year ago that God would be taking me through this journey, but I couldn’t imagine to be anywhere else.