Recovering from Camp

Well, we got back from camp last Friday and I still feel like I haven’t yet recovered. It was an amazing week. God moved in our students lives, we had some students express a call to ministry, others recommiting their lives to Christ. I got to have a marijuana flushing party with one of our students. IT was great. God is good.

The biggest most memorable thing for me this week is the transformation that took place in a young man name David. Before camp he was an angry, hurt young man who didn’t believe in God at all. And one night at the service, God just touched his heart and he became a brand new person. It was amazing. On the way home, he was in my car and he spent a lot of the drive reading in his brand new bible highlighting key stories from the gospels and talking about how he is going to reach his friends.

The change that happened in his life in a few short days was amazing. Just more proof that God is real, no one would change this much on their own without God’s intervention. Amazing.

Last Night

I really feel good about last night’s youth service. We don’t have the hugest youth ministry in the world. But last night we had our summer high in attendance so far. And everything seemed to gel really well. Despite the fact that we were in a bit of a frantic hustle before we got started it really came together. Just goes to show that God can use anything, even us as we run around crazy and try to put things together. The whole time God is just saying, “trust me.”