Acts Chapter 4

I was reading in my devotions in the book of acts, and i was just amazed and Peter’s boldness. It’s really amazing the transformation that took place in his life. He was a blubbering goof ball in the Gospels and then in the Book of Acts he’s this guy with great undertanding and conviction.

I hope and pray that that same kind of transformation either is or will take place in my life some day. I love Peter. He’s the greatest.

Youth Conference & Canvas ministries

So we Just got back from our denominations youth conference for our district. It was a pretty great trip. We brought a bunch of kids and they all seemed to have a great time. One of the things that was most bizarre for me was the worship leader was a guy that used to lead worship in the youth ministry that I grew up in. I remember when he first led worship and now to see him leading thousands of teenagers into the presence of God . . . wow! What a transfroming God we serve. The greatest thing about this guy is not is musicianship even though he is amazing, he’s one of the most humble people you will ever meet. I’m really proud of him.

I don’t want this to sound like I’m a groupie or anything but, whoa. The link above is for the ministry that he is in. If you are a youth pastor and reading this, please check out their website, I’m sure they woudl love to help you and your student worship teams.

God is Good

Well, last night we had another stellar night at >>beyond>>

We had our highest attendance since I have been on staff, and our youth room is looking better and better every week. But most importantly God has been showing up and changing lives.

We have one kid, who I would say isn’t really serving God, but the last three weeks he has brought a different friend each week. He’s on mission and I don’t even think he has fully devoted himself to Christ yet. It’s crazy how the kids who know they don’t have it all together are often the ones that are most willing to bring friends to church with them. I’m reminded of Andrew, “we think we found the Messiah, come see.” Very exciting.

Last night I also got to speak with a guy who’s actually out of high school, and he’s been hanging around because his friends are still here. But we had a prayer time last night and we talked and he shared how he’s not 100% on board with God and Christianity, but he’s taking his time. I was so proud of him, he’s been through a lot in his life, and he knows that this whole faith thing is not just about the decision it’s about the journey.

I left the youth service last night just refreshed by what God was doing in our ministry and in our students lives. God is so good.