Feeling Deserted – Anticipation

Hey Every one! I said I would post my notes and the community group questions on my blog so here you go. I would really love to continue the conversation. Anticipation The Northgate Church February, 19th 2006 My house is full of anticipation. Kathy is pregnant and it’s a pretty exciting, stressful, and fun time.Continue reading “Feeling Deserted – Anticipation”

This Weeks Thoughttoponder

Well in transit we are studying worship and we are currently looking at worship through suffering. It was a pretty cool discussion last night about Job and how through it all he was faithful to serve God. It was pretty cool and folks brought som ereally cool insights. This weeks thought to ponder is: PainContinue reading “This Weeks Thoughttoponder”

Wisdom Nugget from Proverbs 15:33

33Fear-of-GOD is a school in skilled living– first you learn humility, then you experience glory. I have really been enjoying reading the Paraphrase the Message. It really simplifies all the language. It’s quite nice. but I was reading this passage today and I don’t know why it jumped out at me so strongly. I guessContinue reading “Wisdom Nugget from Proverbs 15:33”

Worship Through Suffering

For the next two weeks in Transit we are going to be talking about worship through suffering. It’s a pretty interesting topic becuase suffering usually has two effects on people’s faith, suffering can strengthen it, or suffering and destroy it. Unfortunately I have no cure for suffering, and I have no answers for why badContinue reading “Worship Through Suffering”