Ahh Sweet Child o’ Mine

So having a kid has changed my life. Many firsts have already happend. First time i’ve ever wiped someone else’s but, first time I’ve ever been peed on, first time I was happy to get three hours of sleep, and many, many more.

it’s weird because sometimes I can get so frustrated that he won’t go to sleep, and then three minutes later he makes me smile so big it forces out tears. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, maybe it’s the hospital food, I don’t know, it’s pretty crazy.

But it’s cool becuase he’s the coolest and he’s sleeping right now.

Little Man

Yeah, so Judah’s the cutest ever, but man am I tired. I gotta say, if there are any teenages who are sleeping around and reading this blog, you don’t want a baby. Not yet anyway, someday when you’re older, and married, and ready. I don’t even know how ready I really am. But there’s no going back now. But it’s all good, because this kid’s amazing.

Judah Timothy Deuman 6lbs 14oz 19 inches

Judah’s here, I’m so excited. He’s perfect, beautiful, and he’s got great lungs. We went to the hospital last night because Kathy had some high blood pressure and a head ache. We ended up staying the night and having a c-section this morning at 9am.

let me share some pictures

  • Kathy and I before the birth
  • prepping
  • this is me about to pass out (i get squeamish)
  • Here’s Judah He came out making a joyful noise living up to his name, Judah Timothy means Praises Honoring God.
  • meet the Deuman’s
  • Cutter & Buck day 2

    Well, I was on the phones yesterday. It was good times. I think I’m going to be able to do well in this job. I will be working with nice people, so that always helps. A lot of the people seem to be the creative artsy types. These are usually fun people. I also learned about reserving conference rooms and I surprised my trainer by how well I knew Outlook. Thanks Safeco for the five years of training that you gave me. :o)

    my chair at Cutter & Buck is really uncomfortable so we will get to work on getting that fixed.

    I also have to read the employee handbook so I gotta get on that today or tomorrow. Good times.


    So over the past couple of days I was informed that a friend of mine is gay. This is quite a shocking discover for me. I really never would have guessed. It’s just not something that you really ever think would happen. This is a guy who had a huge impact in my life. He was a spiritual leader in my life, he was a mentor in a lot of ways, and then we just kind of lost touch.

    And then I hear from my wife about this, and my heart hurts for him but also for the students that will have all kinds of questions and confusion. It hurts.

    I also hurt because he seems sure that God is okay with this, that the Bible doesn’t mean what it means. As a Bible guy that makes me so angry because it just doesn’t work, but it also hurts my heart because some where there is deception that got into his head and his heart.

    I also hurt because of the way that people have reacted to this news. Some of his oldest friends seem to have turned their backs on their friendship. Is that how Jesus would have responded?

    I have been going through 1 john with transit and the two things that keep being rehearsed again and again is that you can’t be in God’s light and willfully continue to sin, and Christians don’t get to choose who they love. We need to love everybody. I don’t think that having a prayer meeting, or debating all the scriptures is going to win anyone over to the faith, or lead anyone out of homosexuality. What is the most promising course? Loving people the way that Jesus loved the woman at the well, or the woman caught in adultery, or Nicodemus, or Mary Magdeline, or any of the disciples.

    Does my heart still hurt? Yes. Do I have any real answers? No. Do I know what my miission is? Love.

    Great thoughts on flexibility

    I was cruising the blogs in my book marks and I came across this link on Seth Godin’s blog. I thought it was particularly timely with all the changes that are coming up with tNC/Creekside Church.


    The one thing that’s certain about your marketing plan, your products, hey, even your life is that it won’t turn out the way you planned.

    Given this proven truth, doesn’t it make sense to spend most of your time building flexibility into whatever you’re building?

    It’s a lot easier to change your mind in advance… doing it when you have to is painful–especially if you have to persuade a team. The most flexible plans have the need (and ability) to change built right in.


    I hope I can build that into my planning and strategizing, and life in general. I had a friend who always said that he was Gumby, and I think that is a good mantra to build into our lives.