Judah Timothy Deuman 6lbs 14oz 19 inches

Judah’s here, I’m so excited. He’s perfect, beautiful, and he’s got great lungs. We went to the hospital last night because Kathy had some high blood pressure and a head ache. We ended up staying the night and having a c-section this morning at 9am. let me share some pictures Kathy and I before theContinue reading “Judah Timothy Deuman 6lbs 14oz 19 inches”

Great thoughts on flexibility

I was cruising the blogs in my book marks and I came across this link on Seth Godin’s blog. I thought it was particularly timely with all the changes that are coming up with tNC/Creekside Church. Flexibility The one thing that’s certain about your marketing plan, your products, hey, even your life is that itContinue reading “Great thoughts on flexibility”