We’ll I have an official speaker site, willspeakforfood.blogspot.com. For the people who know me you may look at this and think it was just a slow day at Cutter & Buck, but I assure you, that it is more that that. Hopefully, and prayerfully, opportunities will arise for me to share my love of theContinue reading “willspeakforfood.blogspot.com”

Getting Ready for Camp

Camp, camp, camp, always fun and full of adventure. I’m praying that all the details come together because right now I don’t know how that’s going to happen. I have been jerked around by this company that I’m ordering innertubes from. First they never told me that they couldn’t complete my order so when IContinue reading “Getting Ready for Camp”

Interesting stuff from the Secret Message of Jesus

I’ve basically finished McLaren’s The Secret Message of Jesus, I just have the apendices left and I rarely ever read those so I’m as good as done. It was a thought provoking book, and I gotta say, not as controversial as I thought it would be. McLaren definetly paints a picture of Jesus that isContinue reading “Interesting stuff from the Secret Message of Jesus”