You’ve Come A Long Way

So everyone who knows me knows that I totally dig U2. But they weren’t always the great showmen that they are today. for all you aspirring rock stars take heart, you might suck today, but in 20 years you could be a globe-trotting rock star.



So now I have even more reason to really dislike madden. Aside from the fact that he look like a yam, and he’s going insane. Now his stupid little game and it’s stupid little curse has afflicted my beloved hawks. Shaun Alexander is out for at least two weeks with a fracture in his left foot. Seattle is a good team with out him, but it sucks that this had to happen to our hawks.

When Madden calls me up I’ll just have to say no. Hold me accountable.


So I’m reading in Ezekiel about how his life is an example to people of what God is going to do.  More than the other prophets I think God uses Ezekiel as a metaphor.  But here’s this guy, who has to do these crazy outlandish things for God, and he does them.  He lives the message out before everyone.  That’s pretty cool.

 I think as a leader in the church, I should always be living what I am saying.  It seems like that would go without saying, but I have to remind myself, that when Jesus is on mission to find lost people, I need to be on mission.  When Paul says he’s all things to all people, I need to be too.  If I’m going to teach the book I need to live the book before the people, with the people, and for the people.  That might just be the only way that people are going to really understand what I am trying to say.

I think that’s why you should never do Bible study all on

And I think I do an okay job at this.  Especially since starting work at C&B I have had to really live my life for Jesus.  It’s stretched me and challenged me, and encouraged me.  It’s been pretty cool.