Cracked the Southern Hemisphere

Woo-Hoo, we finally did it, the >>beyondcast>> has cracked the southern hemisphere.  It’s crazy how this thing has downloaded. Over the past week we have had 5 downloads from Washington State, 10 from San Francisco, 21 from Colorado, 21 from Bejing, 3 in europe, and now one in the southern hemisphere, South Africa.  Absolutely Crazy.  IContinue reading “Cracked the Southern Hemisphere”

Happy Reformation Day

For some it’s happy Halloween, others it’s happy harvest day, and yet still others today is Reformation Day.  The day that Martin Luther put the worlds biggest sticky note, on which he wrote his 95 theses.  This act was the catalyst that led to what we call the protestant reformation.  The reformation was the motherContinue reading “Happy Reformation Day”