Naps Rock!

So last night I worked after Kathy went to work. I got up early and worked before staff meeting, and I will probably do a bit of work tonight. So I figured that I entitled to take a little nap what with me not feeling great and everything. Naps Rock! They really give you a fresh perspective on the day, energy and focus. Really great.

I got my outline hammered out yesterday and I fell good about it. Kathy liked it too so that really helps. Staff meeting felt incredibly productive today. That’s always nice when you leave a meeting feeling like you accomplished something or at least your team is positioned to accomplish more. I love that.

So now I’m staring down the talk for transit. I did my research yesterday, really cool stuff happening in the Book of Acts, and I wish we were seeing these amazing things more often in our churches.  Pray Pray Pray!

While you’re at it pray for me that this cold goes away quick fast so it doesn’t effect sunday morning for me.

Speaking on Sunday Morning

So I am speaking this Sunday Morning, it’s our annual Super Bowl Outreach and I am really excited.  My message is title, “Taking Life’s Hits”, and I know what I want to talk about but I’m having a hard time putting an outline together.

This is usually the hardest part of sermon writing, because I think in floods, and I have to wrangle those thought into coherence.  I usually feel pretty good about what comes out but I have to have this outline pretty much done by tomorrow morning so our office folks can get it ready for Sunday.

Fun times.

But if you don’t have anywhere to go to church on Sunday it would be great to see you at creekside at 10:30.  We are going to have a tailgate party afterwards, door prizes, all kinds of fun times.