Snowing . . . Again, February 28th — Huh?

So here we are a day before March, when the Seattle area is generally raining and warming up. But here we are yet again with snow. I can’t figure out what’s going on this year with weather. It’s crazy, and it always seems to be snowing on Wednesdays which has messed up Transit more thanContinue reading “Snowing . . . Again, February 28th — Huh?”

Slowing down the pace of youth ministry

Really youth ministry happens through relationships.  Tonight I was privledge to hang out with one of our guys, Jordan, who rocks.  We played some Wii and we talked about our cell groups.  I thought it was good, and I need to do more of this kind of ministry, slowed down, relationship oriented type things. IContinue reading “Slowing down the pace of youth ministry”

Excited for Youth Leaders Summit

So this week is our Regional Leaders Summit. I love this event, in the past we brought a team and it worked really well, but this year we are just going Kathy, Judah, Myself and Emily Millard, who got the time off work. So it’s a smaller group but it’s going to be dope! JoshContinue reading “Excited for Youth Leaders Summit”

Church Innovation

Here’s a great post about innovation in churches Church Marketing Sucks. Innovative Churches: Does Size Matter? By Brad Abare on Philosophy Part 9 in a series on Innovative Churches. Be sure to contribute to the Most Innovative Churches list. Does size matter? What about smaller churches and those with limited financial resources? Or, is innovationContinue reading “Church Innovation”