YLS 07 — Interactive 2 — Jeff Cossack

Confessions of a Mac Evangelist Healthy Evangelism vs. Unhealthy Evangelism Most of what happens evangelistically in the American Church falls under the unhealthy variety! What Should Evangelism Not Be? Turn Or Burn Tracts – Read this Card I’ll see you later Making a person a project Soapbox evangelism — Street Corner Preacher Candy Coating MixingContinue reading “YLS 07 — Interactive 2 — Jeff Cossack”

YLS 07 — Session 3 -Jeff Kossack

Caffeinated Youth Ministry Does our youth ministry have a Kick? Does it have a lasting affect? Or do we look the part and don’t make a difference? Are we making life long Christ Followers? Matt 5:13-16 If we are going to be an emerging church we need to get out of the walls and engageContinue reading “YLS 07 — Session 3 -Jeff Kossack”

YLS 07 — Session 2 – Nate Ruch

The Voice We all go through a process of drift from experience to today. If you add 40 percent more weight to your skeleton it will begin to bow under the weight. The same thing happens with our life. We are only supposed to handle a certain amount of weight. The weight that we bearContinue reading “YLS 07 — Session 2 – Nate Ruch”

YLS-07 — Session 1 – Les Welk

Les is the Northwest Ministry Network SuperIntendent (He’s also a Ninja!) The one thing that God has in mind for us is His Mission to redeem the world. God made us to be reflections of his goodness. Joshua 1 The passing of a generation – Nothing causes a leader to rise like the passing ofContinue reading “YLS-07 — Session 1 – Les Welk”