YLS 07 — Session 5 – Nate Ruch

youthandleadership.com Pay Attention God speaks to us, so that we can become his mouth piece. — that is what truly pentecostal people are. They walk out of a service and live lives where God gives them on time information for wherever they are and whoever they are with. If we are going to become hisContinue reading “YLS 07 — Session 5 – Nate Ruch”

YLS 07 — Interactive 3 — Mike Thompson

Teenagers want the truth given to them straight. Expanded Memory skills language Mastery continues. –this is why myspace, blogs, phones, poetry, all start to be used because teenagers are beginning to use their verbal skills. MetaCognition – the ability to think about thinking — They begin to think abstract thoughts. “the Bible Says” doesn’t alwaysContinue reading “YLS 07 — Interactive 3 — Mike Thompson”