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A few years ago I went to a Guys Only event and Mike Foster the other found of was the guest speaker.  These guys are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with people struggling with porn and those in the porn industry.  They have been getting a lot of press lately, and they have been doing some incredible things.  Check out their website to read more about the story of, and see if they can help you or someone you care about.

Interesting Article

This is an interesting article on the effectiveness or un-effectiveness of powerpoint.

Learning styles are important to understand and I wonder what would happen if we didn’t use PowerPoint as slavishly as we do.  Some times if feel like we make our selves slaves to the program instead of making the program serve us.  Just a random little thought.  I personally like the use of PowerPoint if it’s simple and subtle.  I think it can be a great help to understand.

Something to think about.