Two seemingly random posts

So I thought since these were random in nature I would just combine them into one post

This is a pretty clever website.

This is a pretty interesting article.  I recently switched over to using more online apps.  I was driven to this decision because I don’t have a regular office and I need something that feels central.  That and Apple doesn’t have a good Excel type program and Google Docs and Spreadsheets is way better than appleworks.  I found a lot of folks don’t even really know about all that google offers.  Take a minute some time and look around it’s pretty incredible.

Sex God – Review

So I just finished Sex God by Rob Bell.  This is a very deep book.  I really didn’t know what to expect when I started reading it.  But Bell has a way of taking life and examining it from angles that I would never have thought of and saying that “This is really about that” and vice-versa.

In this book Bell tries to show that Sexuality and Spirituality are intrinsically linked together and that was God’s design. Sex brings wholeness to the marriage covenant, sex bring joy, sex brings hope for eternity.  Say what?!  Yeah, that’s part of it.

This is a great book.  Bell got in some trouble from different groups because of some statements from his last book Velvet Elvis, but this book is solid.  It would be a great read for marriage counseling and pre-marriage counseling.  Also for anyone trying to find wholeness and healing from sexual pain or addiction.  Bell goes over a wide variety of topics and always points back to Jesus.

As you are reading you will feel like you are talking to a trusted friend and not just a writer who has divorced himself from the real world to focus on his work.  Bell is real and he tells real stories of success, of hurt, of failure.

This book is a solid 4.5 out of 5.

Wisdom from Rob Bell

In Sex God, Rob Bell talks about heart break and suffering and the cross, and I thought this passage might be insightful in the midst of the VA Tech tragedy

Our tendency in the midst of suffering is to turn on God. To get angry and bitter and shake our fist at the sky and say, “God, you don’t know what it’s like!  You don’t understand!  You have no idea what I’m going through. You don’t have a clue how much this hurts.”

The Cross is God’s way of taking away all of our accusations, excuses, and arguments.

The Cross is God taking on flesh and blood and saying, “me too.”