On Edge

So being in ministry is tough work, and some days are better than others. I thank God for good support from my wife and my pastor. Tomorrow will be a better day I’m sure. :o))


So yesterday I posted a brief review about the Radical Leap — and within hours the Author Steve Farber left a comment.  That’s incredible.  It could be that he has some software that generates comments automatically, I don’t think so though, becuase he is living out his book.  He is cultivating love.  Wow, way to win a fan Steve.

Another amazing thing that I just experienced.  Seth Godin, found out that his new Audiobood was not playing properly on iPods committed to make sure that Apple fixed this and he wanted people to email him to let him know if they were having issues.  Pretty cool.

One area that I know I need improvement is in following-up a lot of stuff that comes across my email doesn’t need to be followed-up with but there are somethings that I need to get on right away, but I let them go, because I want to think about it, or I just have no idea what to say.  So these two authors just gave me a quick and simple example of doing the right thing.  Pretty cool.