Two Quick Reviews

Deep Ministry in a Shallow World.  Chap Clark & Kara Powell.This is a great resource.  Mainly because it asks the right questions.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is trying to make their ministry more meaningful.  The current journey we are in our ministry is trying to make it deeper and stronger and better.  And I’m glad I came across this book when I did.   A New Kind of Youth Ministry — Chris FolmsbeeThis book looks at a lot of the stuff that youth ministries do, from events, to missions trips to worship etc. and Asks is there a better way.  The answer is always yes.  There is always a better way.  Folmsbee seems to be pointing out first of all that all we do needs to come from our heart and from our calling.  This book doesn’t do as much step by step kind of thinking as Deep Ministry does but it’s still worth the read.  It’s a quick book, and there are lots of great reminders of what Youth Ministry is really all about.   

Passion of Paul

So I just started reading Philippians in my Devo’s. And everytime I read this book I am amazed by Paul’s passion, perseverance, and hope. In Chapter one he says, “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” And he says that he is willing to continue to live so that he can do the work of Christ. So no matter what’s going on in his life, he is going to live for Christ. He’s writing this in prison. How incredible!

It’s those kinds of statements that just scream — KEEP GOING!!!

Thanks Paul.

Thank you Google

So I work between two different computers, so I do a lot of my writing on google docs.   Well I just want to thank google for making the  whole interface  friendlier.  It’s really great.

I wonder if they did this for the iPhone as Safari will be on the iPhone and there was no Safari support for google docs.  If so brilliant timing.

What Churches Can Learn From Apple pt. 4

People will pay the Cost if they find it valuable.

One of my favorite books is Deitrich Bonhoffer’s, “The Cost of Discipleship.”  In that book Bonhoffer says that grace if free but it should never be cheap.  It’s the most valuable thing that we could ever have.

Now my comparison to Apple is no where near the value of Grace.  But Apple stuff is not cheap.  There are cheaper mp3 players.  there are way cheaper laptops.  But Apple knows that the people who really want their products will pay the price for them because they are worth it.

Discipleship needs to be worth it for people to buy in to the life of Christ.  What are we offering people when they come to faith in Christ.  Are we telling them that life will be easy?  Are we telling them that everything is always going to work out.  No, at least I hope not.

What we are inviting people to is grace and transformed lives.  And that should be worth it.  So we need to be living in grace and we need to be displaying transformed lives.  If we have the exact same experience as non-believers, what do they care?  They are not going to come flocking.  But if we are inviting them to join us on the journey of faith and inviting them to live transformed lives.  then that’s attractive, and that’s something different then their current experience.

When I was deciding to switch to a Mac, one of the biggest attractions was the different user experience.  I’m less vulnerable to attack, things are constantly improving. The user experience is worth the cost of the computer because I know that It’s going to work.  And It’s simpler. It’s a lot of fun too.  Yeah I had a lot to learn before I felt really proficient with my mac, but it was worth learning.

And so when it comes to faith the cost of discipleship is everything we have and everything we are.  And people will gladly pay the price, if it’s worth it.  If they see the transformation.