Le Tour is over — The sadness begins

So Le Tour De France is over.  Arguably one of the greatest sporting events of the year has wrapped up and a rookie Alberto Contador has won.  What an incredible tour, filled with drama, scandal, crashes, heartbreak, and inspiration. I was talking with Lydia about the tour and she says she doesn’t watch it becauseContinue reading “Le Tour is over — The sadness begins”

The Gospel is for Right Now

Jesus died for more than just to get us into heaven.  He died so that we could live for him entirely.  I’ve been reading Dallas Willard’s, the Divine Conspiracy.  I’ve been taking my time because it’s really, really deep and challenging.  But I read a section today that I just had to share.  Willard isContinue reading “The Gospel is for Right Now”

If You’re going to be great be great in everything

So I’m a huge fan of the Tour de France. Kathy and I have both been fans for the past few years. We have seen some incredible racing and sadly we have seen quite a bit of disgrace in this incredibly competitive sport.Here’s a list of some of the disgrace: Floyd Landis — Charged withContinue reading “If You’re going to be great be great in everything”

Teenagers Changing but not totally different

Here is a great post from Ypulse about marketing to teenagers.  A lot of trends in youth culture are different than when I was growing up but teens are still very much teens. Read the Article. Something that I thought was interesting was the draw to the internet because it’s an interactive media instead ofContinue reading “Teenagers Changing but not totally different”

Presence-Centered Youth Ministry – Review

Presence-Centered Youth Ministry by Mike King Mike King is a long time youth worker who brings 30 years of experience to this book.  He shares his stories and frustrations with the way youth ministry has been run for year.  And as he grew in maturity he began to boil down youth ministry to what heContinue reading “Presence-Centered Youth Ministry – Review”