If You’re going to be great be great in everything

So I’m a huge fan of the Tour de France. Kathy and I have both been fans for the past few years. We have seen some incredible racing and sadly we have seen quite a bit of disgrace in this incredibly competitive sport.Here’s a list of some of the disgrace:

Floyd Landis — Charged with doping and suspeneded after coming back from the dumper and destroying the field.

Jan Ulrich — Lance Armstrong’s rival wanted to win so badly and ultimately charged with doping and embarassed. he is no longer racing.

And this announced today: Alexander Vinokourov tested positive for blood transfusions. What cost was he willing to pay to win? Because clearly he has thrown away all those wins. He has ruined not just his own image but the image of his team. This is a horrible, horrible thing. And it breaks my heart because I wanted to believe in him. I was amazed by the comeback that he experienced. It was amazing. I was rooting for him, and then this news.

Update 7-25-07: Michael Rassmussen fired by Rabbobank for missing drug tests.

What price is success worth? It should never be worth your integrity. I’ve had too many heroes fall. This past year I experience my first ministry friend falling out of ministry because of an affair. I’m sick of it. Integrity is everything whether it’s sports or ministry. We’ve got to watch our lives. We have to guard our integrity.

Teenagers Changing but not totally different

Here is a great post from Ypulse about marketing to teenagers.  A lot of trends in youth culture are different than when I was growing up but teens are still very much teens.

Read the Article.

Something that I thought was interesting was the draw to the internet because it’s an interactive media instead of television where they can really only watch what’s on.  Students want to interact and create.  Some students will spend hours online because they can shape that world.

Here’s the question that will probably keep me up for a while:

How can we allow students to participate, shape, create in church?  How do we make church a more active and interactive gathering instead of just a band and a sermon-ar?