Awfully Small and Not as Strong as We think We Are

So this past weekend I had the privilege to speak at Creekside for the morning services. You can download it if you would like to here.  My text was Matthew 14.22-36.  This is the Story of Jesus walking on the water.  Pretty amazing story, and something that struck me about this was how weak andContinue reading “Awfully Small and Not as Strong as We think We Are”

Some Quotes from “Whoever Makes the Most Mistakes Wins”.

Here are some great thoughts that I’ve picked out so far from this book. “When we look back on our lives, the parts that once seemed triumphant can pale in significance, while episodes that appeared trivial at the time now look crucial.  Successes we see in hindsight, made us complacent,while our set backs pushed us.”Continue reading “Some Quotes from “Whoever Makes the Most Mistakes Wins”.”