Time Saving Football Advice

Tim Sanders who wrote Love is the Killer App (check it out here).  Has written a timely and time saving post on a great way to watch football on Sundays.  Personally I don’t know how I would live a life outside of my house without TiVo.  It’s one of those inventions that you don’t really realize you love until you have one, much like an iPod.

Sundays are one of the busiest days ever for me, with church in the morning, youth group in the evening, lunch at the in-laws house in between.  It seems like a go-go-go day.  And now with TiVo I have the option of recording the game and working on something else, or recording the game and napping with the rest of my family.  TiVo truly is a great way to not be held by the networks demands for my attention.  If I want to watch Heroes, but I have a meeting on a monday night, no worries, TiVo’s got my back.

I think there should be some kind of financial pay-back from my friends at TiVo for talking up their product, but I doubt that will ever come and I don’t expect payment from my friends.  Well Except for John, but he’s got issues.  :o)