Happy All Hallows Eve (or Dia De Los Muertos)

Or Happy Reformation Day to all the super-duper Luther and Calvin Fans out there.

Tomorrow is the day that i wish the Protestant Church did more to celebrate, All Saints Day. I am not saying we need to pray to saints but it would be cool to have a day where we purposefully honor the heroes of the faith.  And if we go with the true Pauline definition of saint that would basically include everyone who serves Jesus.

everyday heroes series

I am really excited about the everyday heroes series.  We are starting this thursday at >>beyond>>

We are starting with one of my life verses.  I’m always excited when I get to Talk about 1 Timothy 4.12.  So that’s where we are going to be this week.  I am really praying that we can start off with a big score for this series.  The truth is that Jesus is calling all of us to be heroes of the faith.  And so how do we live that out?  That’s really what this series is going to be focusing on.

So if you are an attender be praying that Jesus will challenge you.  If you are one of my friends from around the world who just happened to stumble upon this blog than please pray with me that this will be a powerful series for us.  I am really, really jazzed about this.

Last night of Masks

So tonight was the last night of the Masks Series.  And it was a good time.  Since we’ve moved over to Thursday Nights we have had quite a varied group of attenders.  It’s funny to see who has been there every week and who hasn’t.  Pretty interesting.

If you feel so inclined you can download tonights audio here.

Last week of the Masks Series

This Thursday is the last in our Masks serious.  The whole thing has been about trying to live authentic lives, and thus to take off our masks.  This Thursday we are going to talk about “Blessed are the Uncool.”  The title is borrowed from a book called “Blessed are the Uncool.”

We are going to look at the Beattitudes and how Jesus’ definition of blessed is different than the worlds.  In truth it’s different than most Christians.  I am praying that this week will be a great time where we see ourr utter dependence on Jesus and him alone and when we trust him we don’t have to try to “cool.”

I’m excited about this.

At the same time in transit we are talking about How the world views Christians and how we can change those perceptions as individuals.  Good stuff!


So I hate keeping track of ministry finances because it’s just one more thing that I have to do.  So I tend to put it off.  But that’s not very GTD-ish.  So my brain get’s cluttered up with minutiae.  When I should just get things off my brain so I can focus on other more important stuff.

I have shared a little bit of GTD stuff before like 43folders.com, pastorhacks, and backpack.  these are all great tools and resources for getting better organized and for me it’s always a work in progress.

Well at pastorhacks last week there was a link to xpenser.com which is awesome.  It’s a free expense tracker, So I fired it up and started rockin’ it last week to find that I can email my expenses to my account, text them or just enter them on the website.  Pretty stinkin’ cool.  Check it out it might just save your brain.