Happy All Hallows Eve (or Dia De Los Muertos)

Or Happy Reformation Day to all the super-duper Luther and Calvin Fans out there. Tomorrow is the day that i wish the Protestant Church did more to celebrate, All Saints Day. I am not saying we need to pray to saints but it would be cool to have a day where we purposefully honor theContinue reading “Happy All Hallows Eve (or Dia De Los Muertos)”

everyday heroes series

I am really excited about the everyday heroes series.  We are starting this thursday at >>beyond>> We are starting with one of my life verses.  I’m always excited when I get to Talk about 1 Timothy 4.12.  So that’s where we are going to be this week.  I am really praying that we can startContinue reading “everyday heroes series”

Last night of Masks

So tonight was the last night of the Masks Series.  And it was a good time.  Since we’ve moved over to Thursday Nights we have had quite a varied group of attenders.  It’s funny to see who has been there every week and who hasn’t.  Pretty interesting. If you feel so inclined you can downloadContinue reading “Last night of Masks”

Last week of the Masks Series

This Thursday is the last in our Masks serious.  The whole thing has been about trying to live authentic lives, and thus to take off our masks.  This Thursday we are going to talk about “Blessed are the Uncool.”  The title is borrowed from a book called “Blessed are the Uncool.” We are going toContinue reading “Last week of the Masks Series”

Currently Reading – UnChristian

I have been following the Catalyst Podcast and Fermi Project for a bit now and when I heard about the book UnChristian I knew I had to read it.  This book is by David Kinnaman, who works with Barna to do research that helps the church better understand the world around us. UnChristian is aContinue reading “Currently Reading – UnChristian”