Vacation Tomorrow – Inbox Zero – Peace of Mind

So tomorrow I am going on vacation and I am currently sitting at Inbox zero. My goal is to try to get down to inbox zero all by the end of the day every day, but that doesn’t always happen.  So this makes me very happy.  If you want to know why I try toContinue reading “Vacation Tomorrow – Inbox Zero – Peace of Mind”

Largest Churches

Wow, Outreach Magazine has released their largest churches list. I cannont even fathom going to a church as large as Lakewood. I wouldn’t go to Lakewood, but that’s for completely different reasons. This is from Top 18 Largest Churches in America for 2007 Lakewood Church (Houston, TX) :: Joel Osteen >> 07 Attendance =Continue reading “Largest Churches”

Trick-or-Treating is Missional

I love this post from Jonathan Herron about their church’s halloween plans. He clearly talks about their desire to engage their community like Jesus.  Here’s a chunk: Catalyst does not have an official position on Halloween.  Some who call Catalyst home choose not to celebrate Halloween because of its pagan origins and dark slant.  OthersContinue reading “Trick-or-Treating is Missional”