Ezekiel 37

One of my favorite passages in the Bible is Ezekiel 37 – the valley of dry bones.  Every time I read this passage I pray that God would do a work like this in our church and in our ministry.

Ezekiel is written to a nation of discouraged and disillusioned exiles in Babylon and the valley of dry bones is God’s way of saying that he is going to bring life to the life-less.  And if that isn’t a mission statement for student ministers than I don’t know what is.  There is so much pain and hurt in the world and specifically in the teenage world, and God has called me/us to bring life to the broken down, the depressed, oppressed, dried out, dead, forgotten generation.

Father, Help me to speak the words that you call me to speak.  And I ask that these words would not by my own and that they would be life giving.  Lord I want so badly to see the valley of youth ministry come to life in our church, and in churches across the world.  Father help us to reach this generation.  Lord raise up leaders who will speak life, raise up churches that will support life, raise up students to carry on this life giving.  We need you now more than ever.  Father, we plead that you would do a work in our world.   We do this for you and for your alone so that you will be glorified and that your kingdom may flourish. Amen!

Eat This Book – Review


Eugene Peterson, author/editor of The Message, is in the middle of a five book series on Christian Theology, the first book in the series was Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, the second is Eat This Book.Eat This Book is a study in Spiritual Reading, particularly the practice of Lectio Divina. Peterson shows that the Bible is not meant to be a snack-bite, sound bite, fortune cookie experience, rather it is supposed to be a meal that nurishes our soul and transforms our lives.One of the most intersting parts of this book is in the third part where Peterson does a quick study of how we got the Bible, discovery of paprii and translations to greek and all that. This is a very interesting section that shows how amazing a book the Bible really is.At times it seems that Peterson gets a little overly scholarly but overall this is a great read for anyone who would like a little help making the Bible a more vital part of their lives.