Tech Fast

Love him or hate him, this is a great post from Mark Driscoll.

Kathy and I recently went on vacation and I left my laptop at home, my cell phone pretty much stayed in our hotel room and I only used my watch to make sure we were able to use our fast passes at disneyland.  For half a week, which is really a long time, I didn’t check email, blogs, news sites, get phone messages, nothing.  It was awesome!

What teens expect from church

This study is worth the read.  It was encouraging because as a teacher of the word I am purposefully trying to make what we talk about relevant and that is what this study shows is helpful.

It is discouraging because this study also confirms that by and large students don’t really care about what’s going on in student ministry.  So how can we change that?  I am praying that we will begin to engage students where they care.