This quote come from a book called blessed are the uncool. Pretty good book that I am learning from for our current series on authenticity.

“Boredom is sometimes a mood in our hearts or our communities or even our churches, but at its root boredom is the refusal to take delight in the world that God has made.”


Currently Reading – UnChristian

I have been following the Catalyst Podcast and Fermi Project for a bit now and when I heard about the book UnChristian I knew I had to read it.  This book is by David Kinnaman, who works with Barna to do research that helps the church better understand the world around us.

UnChristian is a study that looks at the perceptions of 16-29 year olds towards the church and christians.  So far it’s pretty interesting.  I think this is a book that pastors should get and start to learn from.  I’m sure I’ll post a full review when I am done.  But for now go get the book.