So I hate keeping track of ministry finances because it’s just one more thing that I have to do.  So I tend to put it off.  But that’s not very GTD-ish.  So my brain get’s cluttered up with minutiae.  When I should just get things off my brain so I can focus on other more important stuff.

I have shared a little bit of GTD stuff before like 43folders.com, pastorhacks, and backpack.  these are all great tools and resources for getting better organized and for me it’s always a work in progress.

Well at pastorhacks last week there was a link to xpenser.com which is awesome.  It’s a free expense tracker, So I fired it up and started rockin’ it last week to find that I can email my expenses to my account, text them or just enter them on the website.  Pretty stinkin’ cool.  Check it out it might just save your brain.


at >>beyond>> we have been talking about being authentic during our current series masks.  Last week I felt went really well.  Considering that last week was our first week in a new place we did all right.  I am excited for where things are going to go.

But the whole principal behind the series is that we all wear masks at some point or another.  last week we talked about how we wear masks to cover over our shame and how Jesus’ grace allows us to take off the masks.  Jesus removes all shame.  That’s awesome.  I love that I can come to Jesus and I don’t have to wear a mask because he knows me through and through.

I was watching my son this morning.  He likes to hide right now so he will put his toy baskets over his head thinking that he is hiding.  But he’s standing right in the middle of the living room.  That’s how we are when we think we are hiding from God.  He sees right through our masks.  So stop trying to hide.  Just be real with Him!

I just thought I would share that.  Have a good one.