What teens expect from church

This study is worth the read.  It was encouraging because as a teacher of the word I am purposefully trying to make what we talk about relevant and that is what this study shows is helpful. It is discouraging because this study also confirms that by and large students don’t really care about what’s goingContinue reading “What teens expect from church”

Eat This Book – Review

  Eugene Peterson, author/editor of The Message, is in the middle of a five book series on Christian Theology, the first book in the series was Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places, the second is Eat This Book.Eat This Book is a study in Spiritual Reading, particularly the practice of Lectio Divina. Peterson shows thatContinue reading “Eat This Book – Review”

Vacation Tomorrow – Inbox Zero – Peace of Mind

So tomorrow I am going on vacation and I am currently sitting at Inbox zero. My goal is to try to get down to inbox zero all by the end of the day every day, but that doesn’t always happen.  So this makes me very happy.  If you want to know why I try toContinue reading “Vacation Tomorrow – Inbox Zero – Peace of Mind”