Everyday Heroes

So tonight we are talking about everyday heroes – serving the least of these.  And the point is that Jesus commanded us to serve people and how do we do that.  This is huge for the church because people want to see us change the world.  They have seen how the church votes politically, how we protest the things that we are against and what they want to see is how we actually care about people.

Somewhere the church (universal) lost sight of this and it’s time that we bring it back.  so we are going to start with our students tonight and we are going to start purposefully providing opportunities to serve and places where they can love Jesus by loving others.  I honestly think that’s what the world is looking for.

this is just a bit ranty but I think it’s important.  I think this is the way that the church can change the world.  I read about how the early church during the plague in Rome actually stayed in the city and cared for the sick while everyone else fled.  That’s the kind of thing that the church needs to be known for.