So I’ve been reading a lot lately

It’s only January and already I’ve posted six book reviews.  Now I’m not a professional reviewer, and I could probably do a lot more processing of each book as I review them but that’s just not how I role.  I hope that these reviews are helpful to folks, I know they are helpful to me,Continue reading “So I’ve been reading a lot lately”

Going All The Way – Review

In Keeping with my read one book at a time.  I finished the Shack and then Promptly finished up Going All The Way, by Craig Groeschel (Lead Pastor of I’ve had this book for some time, and I had started it before the new year, and so that’s why I was able to finishContinue reading “Going All The Way – Review”

The Shack – Review

I probably never would have picked up this book if it were not for my friend Robert Doell’s recomendation.  Robert works at Lifeway and everytime I go in there he has something new to recommend.  Which is great, because I like reading books that others have read.  So the most recent recommendation was The ShackContinue reading “The Shack – Review”