Great Thoughts from Jay

One of my favorite people in the world is blogging.   Jay Smith and I grew up in the same church, he serves as the youth pastor at said church, and I interned with him way back in the day.  Jay has always been a great friend, and somehow his wife Sandy and my wife Kathy, became super friends withing .oo745 seconds of meeting each other.  Their good people.  :o)

He’s had a blog for a while, but lately he has really amped it up and he is throwing out some great thoughts, particularly today’s post.  Where Is God Not?

This is a great post on the fact that we need to be missional, which is really all about taking the gospel to the world, in whatever shape it takes in your context.  Great stuff Jay!

Check out the mind of Jay and tell him I said Hola!

Practicing Greatness – Review

As a part of the leadership journey that I am on, we were asked to read Practicing Greatness by Reggie McNeal.  A few years ago i read the Present Future, which is also by McNeal (and I should probably read it again).  So I was familiar with his work and his style.  Practicing Greatness is a quick and easy read, but there is a lot to digest in it.

The basic plot is this, what are the practices or disciplines of great leaders.  And what does that look like in various contexts.  The use of anecdotal examples is very helpful, and I kept finding myself in both the negative and positive examples.  Reading this book challenged me to really look at what practices I need to develop in my life.  Of the 7 listed I think that Decision Making and belonging are my two weak points.  I make decisions but I know it takes me forever to feel comfortable with that.  And I am an independent person by nature but I need to develop relationships that I can truly belong to and with.  And I am working on that.

I was also challenged by the Chapter on the Discipline of Mission.  i know what the mission of every christian is, but I need to constantly drag my life back the mission that God has put on my heart, which is teach people about Jesus and his incredible grace.  That’s my mission, so whatever I do I need to be making sure that I am living up to my mission.

This is truly a must read for all spiritual leaders.

Where to begin

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind so I haven’t really had a chance to decompress, and process all that went on at winter camp.  But I will say this, Best Sno-Blast ever.  This may have been my favorite winter camp that I have ever been too.

If you are looking for a camp that will stretch you and your students and re-introduce you to Jesus, call up steve hayes (  We talked about hearing from God, and the fact that God wants to talk to us, we just don’t trust that voice, or ignore it all together.  And we didn’t have an emotionally driven altar time to try to get students to hear God.  Instead we quited our hearts and waited for God to speak.  It was incredible.

I was amazed at the depth that we went into, and it seemed like our students were getting it.  But more important really was our leaders that were there were getting it and we are now charge to take it back to our students and develop this trust in the voice of God that we can develop.

I was particularly amazed by our students who felt that they heard from God, what the felt God was saying, and their boldness too share it.  So cool.  God is so great.

Today I am going to be in a coaching session, pretty much all day and I am excited to start this new journey.  fantastic.

Secure Leaders

Great post from mark batterson here.  I think one of the reasons that we see so many insecure leaders is that we want to measure up to the success of the world rather than obedience to God.  That is a tough thing to manage, but it’s the most important part of leadership.  What is God calling you to do?  Is the question that we have to continually ask ourselves.  Not how can we grow our empire?  But How can we be trusted with the portion of God’s empire that he has given us?

The Jesus Way and Practicing Greatness

I am participating in a Cohort with Youth leaders in my region.  Our first meeting is on Feb 25th, and there is some pre-reading required.  So if I am going to read one book at a time in keeping with my new years resolution, I will have to put The Jesus Way on hold for now.  It’s been pretty hard to get into The Jesus Way, so this is not a heartbreaker for me.  Though I have found some great nuggets of wisdom so far.

But the book that I’ve got to get done is called Practicing Greatness, so far incredible.  I will have a complete review as soon as I finish it.