Where to begin

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind so I haven’t really had a chance to decompress, and process all that went on at winter camp.  But I will say this, Best Sno-Blast ever.  This may have been my favorite winter camp that I have ever been too.

If you are looking for a camp that will stretch you and your students and re-introduce you to Jesus, call up steve hayes (myspace.com/limegreennerd)  We talked about hearing from God, and the fact that God wants to talk to us, we just don’t trust that voice, or ignore it all together.  And we didn’t have an emotionally driven altar time to try to get students to hear God.  Instead we quited our hearts and waited for God to speak.  It was incredible.

I was amazed at the depth that we went into, and it seemed like our students were getting it.  But more important really was our leaders that were there were getting it and we are now charge to take it back to our students and develop this trust in the voice of God that we can develop.

I was particularly amazed by our students who felt that they heard from God, what the felt God was saying, and their boldness too share it.  So cool.  God is so great.

Today I am going to be in a coaching session, pretty much all day and I am excited to start this new journey.  fantastic.