Monday, Monday, So Good To Me

I’m processing some video and podcast stuff from this weekend, and listening to Ben Harper.  Holy Hot Dogs, where have I been?  Ben Harper is an amazing musician.  If it weren’t for the Public Library I never would have tried to find this music.  It’s really, really good.

By the way.  Even though I have mocked it, and I’m not sure if I love or hate it.  I’ve started twittering.  It’s kind of fun, and it is also one way to help me keep track of my day.  You can see my twitter feed at

have a good day.

Good Night

So I’m speaking tomorrow, super excited.  I’m looking forward to it.  It’s going to be pretty heavy.

But my closing thought for the evening is this:

Jesus is pretty Terrific.  I can’t get enough of him.

good night

Youth Integration is Key

Great post from Tim Schmoyer today. Read the Whole thing.

“. . . our fundamental approach to giving students ownership must change nevertheless. Otherwise, we die and pass on a church system that is incredibly broken, disconnected and outdated.”

I love youth worship, I love youth group, but in the end, I think we too often create a youth ghetto. I’ve had many parents ask me to start a middle school program for their students on Sunday morning. We have 1 service. To do that I would just be isolating students again. And I don’t think that’s the best answer.

We need to integrate our students into the church system as a whole, or we will just continue to see people spin out after high school. So how do we connect students in the life of the church?

Here are some ideas.

  1. Stop isolating them
  2. Stop calling the the church of tomorrow
  3. Get students involved in sunday morning ministries like ushering, greeting, worship team. (I need to do this)
  4. Talk to students on sunday mornings – address their issues, their concerns, speak in their language.
  5. If the church’s progression is to community groups, what if students were allowed to lead community groups?

There are more but this is just a start.

Our church went through this thing called CoHorts, lots of brilliant stuff that we picked up from there. But something that kind of stuck in my craw was that Adults, Youth and Kids all had to have their own model operating independently of each other.  So Kids and Students need their own worship, outreach, community, ministry, serving, and spiritual growth programs.  So instead of our church doing 6 things, we are actually doing 18.  That seems a bit excessive.

At what point do we stop and say, that’s too much?  Reading Simple Church, I began to wonder, why can our model’s overlap?  Why can’t we share the big things as a church, like outreach and worship?  Why do we need a Youth Worship Band, when in reality we have a system that is working every Sunday morning, and we can integrate students into that system.  Why do we need to have a youth serving program, wouldn’t it be better to have students and parents serving side by side?

These are some thoughts and I would love to hear your thoughts.  These are just my thoughts.  Perhaps I’m way out in left field on this one.  But maybe I’m not.

Realationships are Key

Great post from Church Communications Pro.  Read it.

Realationships are the key – because they tell the story.  People can ignore all kinds of things, with on-demand entertainment, web browsing by RSS, keeping your recycling bin right by your mail box.  People ignore advertising.  It Doesn’t work.

People cannot ignore relationships, and they cannot ignore their friends stories.  Our churches cannot grow with out authentic stories.  Our churches cannot grow by just sending out mail, or email and hoping people will respond.  But if we can create an avenue for people to tell authentic stories then we have a chance.  Just a thought.

I Feel Loved

On April 5th I was invited to facilitate a break out session of EVOKE 08.

As a thank you, last week I received a Barnes & Noble gift card.  I feel very loved.

these are the books I purchased

The Reason for God – Tim Keller

Ready for Anything – David Allen

Jesus for President – Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw

I’ve started ready for anything and I’m totally diggin’ it.  I picked it first because it’s the shortest, and that means, easiest :o)