Geeked Out

So I mentioned in my previous post that my geek-o-meter was off the charts.  And now I shall tell you why.

When I was at Northwest University, I knew a young man named Kengo.  Kengo was a Japanese student studying biblical literature, as was I.  I was always in awe of the library that he had created over his 4 years at northwest.  He was a devoted student and his library was giigantic.

After graduation Kengo moved back to Japan and stored his books and other belongings at Don Ross’ house (Kengo attended tNC back in the day too).  He must have planned to ship them over or something, or maybe he wanted to move back to the states some day.  Whatever his plans were he gave up on those and told the Ross and Ushikubo families that they could do whatever they wanted with those books. And they said that I could have them.

So yesterday I hauled 5 boxes of books out of the Ross Basement and today I unloaded them into an undisclosed location.  And now for all the book geeks out there I want to show you want I have inherited.  If you are not interested in books I would recommend you stop now.  Or if you know that you might covet this new collection of mine, turn away.

For those who are still with me:

Unorganized stack of Kengo's Books

Now with a little bit more organization:

Attempted organization

there are probably several hundred dollars of books that I have just inherited, and many of them I have no immediate need for, but someday I’m going to learn Hebrew.

So thank you Kengo, I appreciate your generosity and whenever I read one of these books I will think of and pray for you wherever you are.

Monday Morning Memo-Random

Well it’s Monday, my weekend was very busy, and today so far has been nice and not stressful.

Let’s re-cap, our beyond::afterhours event went well. It was spring break for some of our students so they didn’t have the same level of contact with their friends, so we didn’t have as many students come out, but we still had loads of fun. We had a bunch of group contests, and a sweet relay race. A couple of first time students were there also so that was really cool.

We finished our organized games and then we had a half hour of free time for students to hang out, play some X-BOX, board games, eat food, whatever. What I didn’t think would be such a huge hit was FourSquare, we had a line of people rockin’ the foursquare until after nine o’clock so that was really fun.

Then on Saturday I lead a break-out session at Evoke 08. I talked about Belonging and how everyone is looking for belonging. I was really surprised by how full the seesion was. I printed 40 handouts and only got a few back, and I know some people didn’t get a handout because they came in late. So that was really neat. Here is my outline.

Sunday was busy as usual, we had the most people at my house yet since we’ve moved back to my house.  And it was a good time.  So super busy weekend, but it was a lot of fun.

And by the way, WordPress, if you are reading this, I love the new dashboard.  It’s very nice.  IF you don’t use wordpress you should, it’s awesome.  I know you blogger people like your analytics, and adwords, and whatever, but wordpress is just so fun to use.

Have a great day, I might post something later about what else made yesterday so phenomenal.   Let’s just say my geek-o-meter was through the roof.