The Real Reasons Romney Dropped Out

read the article here. 10. There weren’t as many Osmonds as I thought. 9. I got tired of corkscrew landings under sniper fire. 8. As a lifelong hunter, I didn’t want to miss the start of the varmint season. 7. There wasn’t room for two Christian leaders. 6. I was upset that no one hadContinue reading “The Real Reasons Romney Dropped Out”

All Marketers are Liars – Review

Seth Godin is a marketing genius.  This book is a reminder that Marketing is story telling, and the stories we tell need to be true and authentic.  We can’t tell other people’s stories and if our stories are false we will be found out. As a church leader, it is imperative that the we tellContinue reading “All Marketers are Liars – Review”