All Marketers are Liars – Review

Seth Godin is a marketing genius.  This book is a reminder that Marketing is story telling, and the stories we tell need to be true and authentic.  We can’t tell other people’s stories and if our stories are false we will be found out. As a church leader, it is imperative that the we tellContinue reading “All Marketers are Liars – Review”

Judas, Pilate, Barabbas and Jesus

Today I started to seriously focus on my next Sunday morning sermon, which will be on April 27th.  It’s the first part of Matthew 27 looking at Judas, and Pilate and Barabbas.  there is a lot of crazy powerful stuff in this chunk of Scripture. I’ve always felt that Judas was one of the mostContinue reading “Judas, Pilate, Barabbas and Jesus”

Chew on This for the weekend

I was perusing the blog-o-verse today and I came across this thought from Peter Blue, who is a worship leader in Canvas and serves at Cedar Park.  Peter was the worship leader in youth group when I was growing up and he was always a huge encouragement in my life, as well as someone whoContinue reading “Chew on This for the weekend”

The God Who Smokes – Review

The God Who Smokes is a refreshing look at theology through Timothy Stoner’s personal experiences.  All of theology should apply to life and when you read The God Who Smokes I believe you will see all the various ways that God is talking to and revealing himself to you. TGWS is a middle road betweenContinue reading “The God Who Smokes – Review”

Monday Morning Memo-Random

Well it’s Monday, my weekend was very busy, and today so far has been nice and not stressful. Let’s re-cap, our beyond::afterhours event went well. It was spring break for some of our students so they didn’t have the same level of contact with their friends, so we didn’t have as many students come out,Continue reading “Monday Morning Memo-Random”