Looking Back – Looking Ahead

Read this post that I wrote almost 3 years ago. Wow what a journey it has been.  We seem to be getting close to our goal.  I would never have guessed three years after writing the linked post, that we would still be going through all of this.  But Reading that post again reminded meContinue reading “Looking Back – Looking Ahead”

Just The Right Timing

Life is a serious of transitions.  Some transitions are really tough, some are really easy.  Some transitions seemed forced upon us, and others we long for.   During the time of transition we can sometimes experience some kind of emotional trauma.  For example, we just this last week transitioned Judah to a toddler bed.  WeContinue reading “Just The Right Timing”

Overwhelmed with Parenting

This parenting Series at creekside has been really great.  Especially since I am a new-ish parent.  I’m always learning.  I’m preaching this sunday and next sunday.  And I am being overwhelmed by how big a job parenting is. I’m bt no means an expert, but God has so much wisdom to give us.  I gottaContinue reading “Overwhelmed with Parenting”