Ezekiel – God’s Hand Was On Him

I was reading this evening from Ezekiel.  I just started going through this book and in a couple of passages, it says, The Hand of God Was On Him.  How cool is that.  If you know that Hand of God is on you, what can’t you do?  If you know the Hand of God is on you, that’s the greatest strength, grace and passion that you could ever experience.  I pray that I would be able to live in such a way that the Hand of God is always on me.  

Also I noticed that when Ezekiel was in God’s presence he was face down, prostrate before the LORD.  And it says, the Spirit Picked him up.  It made me think that perhaps God wants us on our feet when he’s talking to us, so that we can be ready to move as he leads us.  

Man I love Ezekiel.  Such a powerful book.  God does some crazy stuff in this book, And Ezekiel could always know that God’s hand was on him.  Awesome.