Today I am working on an upcoming sermon for Sunday Morning – October 19th to be precise.  I’ll be preaching out of Genesis 49, which is a huge scripture for understanding the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures, and some of the New Testament.  

What Jacob says to his sons in Genesis 49 will impact their families for generations.  And most of what Jacob says is in relations to his sons’ actions, the things that they have done.  So it got me thinking about legacy, and how important what we do today is for our tomorrows.  I think Jacob was probably very sad giving these prophetic words to his sons, because it kind of shows how Jacob himself failed as a father.  Jacob, was blessed with 11 sons and 9 of them did some pretty horrible things.  Somewhere along the line Jacob neglected his role of instruction and correction. Read Genesis 35.22 – Jacob did nothing in response to Reuben’s actions.  

It’s easier to just let things go, to let your kids do their thing, but we can’t do that.  I have a two year old, and I clearly see at this point that I can’t just let him do whatever he wants because he would end up a serial killer (he’s super cute but we are all depraved sinners).  So I need to work on instruction and discipline, I need to be his spiritual leader, I need to be his pastor, and it’s so hard to always be on like that.  But that’s what our family needs.

Jacob’s words in Genesis 49 are not just his sons’ legacies, they His Legacy.  At the end of the Chapter Jacob dies, and I can see why, It must have been really hard to realize that he was a horrible father in a lot of ways.

So dads let’s not let that happen to us.  Let’s build our legacy in such a way that on our death bed we die with a smile on our face, because we have family around us, and we can be proud and happen with the direction that their lives took.  We know that our name will be remembered kindly, and our sons and daughters names too.

Book Love

Last Thursday I had lunch with Shawn Peterson.  We are planning for Sno-Blast 09 which is going to be awesome.  I love sno-blast.  

Anyway, we planned, and then we had a really great conversation about ministry, and trying to create rhythm for ministry and all that.  As we were getting ready to leave a woman at the next table stuck up a conversation with us.  Turns out she and her husband are missionaries, and they go to Christ the King in Anacortes.

I recently listened to a teaching by Dave Browning on their multi-site strategy, and she said I should read his book.  And I wrote down the title and I was planning on acquiring it after the bulk of my school reading is done.  But then I check the mail yesterday, and she mailed me the book.  How great is that.  That’s amazing, what a great gift.  I look forward to reading deliberate simplicity as soon as I can.

Seattle Half Marathon – Fatbet.net – Ragamuffin Challenge

So in the on-going saga of running in this half marathon . . .

I ran last night in the rain and wind.  Not great.  My mile time improved though.  I have a lot of work to do to get ready.

Michael H, Matt T, and Nate (who I don’t know)  have entered a fatbet.  This is a great idea, because as a dude, I don’t like losing, and our wager is the loser has to shave their legs.  My leg hair is actually quite full and lustrous (think Absolom, but on my legs).  So I really don’t want to shave.  As of right now, I’m winning.

I also jumped into the the Ragamuffin Top Challenge with blogger extraordinaire Carlos Whitaker.  

I’m trying to do this thing right.

And now for the hard part.  My initial weigh in on Sunday was 288 lbs.  that’s a lot!  It’s still not my highest weight ever, and my 6’3″ frame hides my flab well.  No one believes me when I tell them my weight.  So my goal is to get down to 268, which was my lowest point before Judah was born.  I think I can go even lower than that, but 20 lbs is definitely do-able and I need to break my goal down into chunks.

So far I’ve actually lost 3lbs since Sunday.  Which is is encouraging.

If you are considering doing this, I found this website which was helpful Half marathon training.

Let’s do this thing, and let’s not lose sight that we are running to give 5 girls a future that they would otherwise never have.