Book Love

Last Thursday I had lunch with Shawn Peterson.  We are planning for Sno-Blast 09 which is going to be awesome.  I love sno-blast.  

Anyway, we planned, and then we had a really great conversation about ministry, and trying to create rhythm for ministry and all that.  As we were getting ready to leave a woman at the next table stuck up a conversation with us.  Turns out she and her husband are missionaries, and they go to Christ the King in Anacortes.

I recently listened to a teaching by Dave Browning on their multi-site strategy, and she said I should read his book.  And I wrote down the title and I was planning on acquiring it after the bulk of my school reading is done.  But then I check the mail yesterday, and she mailed me the book.  How great is that.  That’s amazing, what a great gift.  I look forward to reading deliberate simplicity as soon as I can.