The Shaping of Things to Come -Review

I’ve been meaning to read Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost’s The Shaping of Things To Come, for quite a while now.  I actually purchased it from a book store in La Conner, where the owner had taken to heart the missional incarnational approach to ministry, that this book talks about. Frost and Hirsch are proposingContinue reading “The Shaping of Things to Come -Review”

Great Post on the Shack and it’s Author

I appreciated the Shack for it’s display of the relationship between the trinity.  It’s a book that has brough a lot of healing to a lot of souls.  It’s controversial, and I get a lot of comments from people who don’t see the potential for grace in this text.   Today I read this postContinue reading “Great Post on the Shack and it’s Author”