Deitrich Bonhoeffer – Life Together Quote

In my Meaning of Christian Community class we are reading Life Together by Bonhoeffer –  This is a book of pure Christian Ninja-ry.  

There are loads of great quotes and here are a few

“Only those who give thanks for little things receive the great things well.”

“Pastors should not complain about their congregation, certainly never to other people, but also not to God.  Congregations have not been entrusted to them in order that they would become accusers of their congregations before God and their fellow human beings.  When pastors lose faith in a Christian community in which they have been place and begin to make accusations against it, they had better examine themselves first to see whether the underlying problem is not their own idealized image, which should be shattered by God.”

“Like Christian sanctification, Christian community is a gift of God to which we have no claim.  Only God knows the real condition either our community or our sanctification.  What may appear weak and insignificant to us may be great and glorious to God.”

hmm.  Things to think about.

Am I the lamest blogger ever?

Well maybe not, but I feel like I’ve been dropping the ball on the whole blog-o-sphere-a-verse lately.  It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks.  Jocelyn was born a little early, I started my masters degree, and I am reading like a maniac.  So when I do have free time to blog, I don’t really feel drawn to create more words.

In case you are wondering, school has been going great.  I love learning, and I love being force to learn through some sort of program.  Our first class talked about the nature of church community, and the spring of our discussion was the trinity, and the community of the trinity.  It was incredibly insightful and I posted on my twitter that it was leping me to love Jesus more.

We talked a lot about the inlfuence of Karl Barth and the Trinitarian relational model for salvation.  it went above the Calvinist and Arminian debate.  That was pretty incredible.  I’m still trying to process all of what it means and I am trying to figure out how to apply it to our church community.

tonight and tomorrow I will be in class again.  This time Interpretting the Hollywood Narrative, movies, theology, super fun times will be had by me.