Deitrich Bonhoeffer – Life Together Quote

In my Meaning of Christian Community class we are reading Life Together by Bonhoeffer –  This is a book of pure Christian Ninja-ry.   There are loads of great quotes and here are a few “Only those who give thanks for little things receive the great things well.” “Pastors should not complain about their congregation,Continue reading “Deitrich Bonhoeffer – Life Together Quote”

Am I the lamest blogger ever?

Well maybe not, but I feel like I’ve been dropping the ball on the whole blog-o-sphere-a-verse lately.  It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks.  Jocelyn was born a little early, I started my masters degree, and I am reading like a maniac.  So when I do have free time to blog, I don’t reallyContinue reading “Am I the lamest blogger ever?”

The business brickyard

I just finished reading the business brickyard by Howard Mann. (I would get all kinky right there but I’m writing from my phone so google it.) This a I great little books on the fundamentals of running a business. There are a lot of applicable point for church leadership as well. I would recommend it.Continue reading “The business brickyard”

Great Worship Music

One of my current projects that I’ve been working on is updating our website.  So part of what I’ve been doing is looking at some of the top church websites, features, content, and all that.  And I was clicking around at, which is one of the multi-site churches in the puget sound area.  TheyContinue reading “Great Worship Music”