Evangelism Thoughts

This struck me in class.  (i’m actually still in glass but had to get this out)

Do we evanglize because we want to win an arguement, we want to be right, or because we are actually trying to share the good news.

Eu angelion – Good Message
Evangelist is the good messenger or the Messenger of Good.  The herald who prepares the way for the King.  It’s not about being right – it’s about preparing the way for the King to Arrive in the hearts of the People.

How does being a Good Messenger or a Messenger of Good change how we share our faith or witness to the gospel?

Calling all bloggers

I was struck today in class by a statement that I put on my twitted and then was challenged by Josh H to blog it.

I’d love to hear how other bloggers would respond to this statement so please write a post in response to this question:

“Do we want church services or gatherings that train us for service?”

Discuss. I will create my own post later this week. If you write a post leave a comment below with a link back to your blog.

(update: Some explanation in the comments)