Tribes in the Mail

  I pre-order Tribes by Seth Godin.  I’ve read enough from Godin to know that I his books are gold, and a pre-order is not a risk in anyway.  I got a pre-release copy yesterday, and I’m also going to get the copy that I actually ordered towards the end of October.  I wonder whoContinue reading “Tribes in the Mail”

High School Reunion . . . already?!

I graduated from the fine Kirkland institution known as Lake Washington High School.  Yes, THE Lake Washington High School.  Yes, THE home of the Purple Kangaroos.   We were pretty awesome too.  In 1999 I was senior class president.  I kind of ran on a whim but I had a great time that year, andContinue reading “High School Reunion . . . already?!”

Sunset Boulevard Presentation

For interpretting the Hollywood Narrative we had to screen a classic film and do a presentation. My presentation was on Sunset Boulevard. It’s a great movie that examines various issues- Addiction to Fame- Hollywood’s/Society’s Fickleness- Fear of ChangeAnd more. Great film, here’s my presentation it has some clips, but you should rent it and watchContinue reading “Sunset Boulevard Presentation”