9 Murderous Miles.

As I talked about here, I am running the the seattle half maratho in a couple of weeks.

Today I set out to run a 10 mile stretch.  I made it 9.  Wow.  For someone of my size, running 9 miles is impressive.  And finishing the run, made me feel like I could do the 13.1, it’s just going to be brutal.  I’m going to keep training and hopefully when I run on nov 30th I won’t die.   That would be disappointing.

But I need as much motivation as possible to keep training so help me get motivated.  I need pledges to send some girls to school in Kenya.  Help me make this happen.  Pledge some Motivation.


Run Fat Boy Run!

I’m talking to myself, of course.

I’m running in the Seattle Half Marathon on November 30th.  I’m a large man and I need some motivation to help me keep running.  So I’m running, along with several others from Creekside Church to help send some amazing girls in Kenya to a top-notch school.  By sending these girls to school we are actually helping to ensure that they have a chance at having a bright and meaningful future.

So I’m writing this post to give everyone who reads it an opportunity to pledge me to run 13.1 miles.  if you did $1 a mile that’s $13 dollars, less than a CD.  How cool would it be if we could get 100 people to pledge $13 dollars.  That’s $1300 dollars!  I did that math in my head.  That’s more than enough to send one girl to school for a year.  Our church is trying to send 5 girls.  I’m not doing this alone, and I want to give as many people as possible an opportunity to change some lives.

Think about it, and if you are able to pledge me and my running endeavor, then go here:

http://tinyurl.com/57ubq4.  Fill out the form, and let’s change some lives.
Want to hear more about these girls than you can watch this video.

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