Question this week – Grudges

Our Churches use of, has been growing in success.  Pretty cool. This week we have this great question “what do you do in a situation where you know someone holds a grudge against you that is unfounded?” I’m going to put some thought behind this one and I’ll post my response later this week. Continue reading “Question this week – Grudges”

Do they know what we are referencing?

Read this article from Seth Godin.  Seth’s basic premise is that, as a communicator, you are not going be able to assume that everyone has seen everything.  Yesterday when I spoke, I used a Seinfeld clip, and as we were watching it, I realized that not everyone has seen Seinfeld.  With all of the choicesContinue reading “Do they know what we are referencing?”

Prisoner of Christ

At Creekside we have been experimenting with extending the dialogue on Sunday mornings.  We’ve been playing with the idea of text messaging questions that people have from Sunday’s sermon.  If you are interested in doing this check out Well I spoke on Philemon 1-7 this week and I received this question: In vs. 1 Continue reading “Prisoner of Christ”

Good Words Mark

In God We Do Not Trust – This was a thought provoking article from Mark Driscoll “The bottom line is obvious to those with gospel eyes. People are longing for Jesus, and tragically left voting for mere presidential candidates. For those whose candidate wins today there will be some months of groundless euphoric faith inContinue reading “Good Words Mark”