The Bible

The Bible is a book that tells us what God has done (indicative). And because of what God has done, we live differently (imperative). if we flip these we lose the heart of the gospel of grace and and replace it with the gospel of works.

Wisdom from Tim Keller

This is from Tim Keller from Redeemer, from the Innovation3 conference

You have got to go after God for blessing.

Jacob (from Genesis) spent his life trying to get blessing, but he did not get it until he went after God in Genesis 32.

Human blessing will kill you because it never seems to last more than 5 minutes.

You have to take the gospel, and you have to see where you are not believing the gospel, and you must pound it into your heart day after day.

what’s in my brain

  • vision day was great, and the video and audio are up at
  • i’m really proud of our guest services team as they made this thing happen yesterday.  Go TEAM!
  • Team work makes the dream work, (that’s for you matt hodson)
  • our ministry passports turned out really great – Kate Thaete is a ninja
  • youth group was fun last night
  • church and youth group in one day makes for a super long day and monday is hard to get motivated and get going.
  • Looking forward to purpose leaders meeting in 5 minutes.


“Don’t ever question Synergy, Lemon.” – Jack Donaghey (30Rock)

Kathy and I are selling things around our house.  We looked at stuff we haven’t used in awhile and whatever we could sell we posted on

We had 6 seasons of the King of Queens, which we never watched because the show is actually one, every other hour, every day.  So we were good there.  This past weekend I posted all 6 seasons of the King of Queens on  This weekend was also the same weekend that Paul Blart: Mall Cop, starring Kevin James premiered in theaters.  Synergy!  We have sold all but one season, pretty stinking awesome.

Go Synergy, Horay For you!