Things in my brain

In No particular order

  • I really like coffee
  • my kids are super cute
  • blogging is hard to keep up on when you have a job, a family, and purusing a masters degree
  • the Bible is amazing, read the Drama of Scripture and you’ll see.
  • Malachi is one of the most intense books in said Bible.
  • My wife is crazy hot
  • I love Pho’ (but now I smell like onions)
  • I am not a web professional, but I’m learning a lot about DNS, CNAME, MX records.  IT people speak several languages
  • I like Third Day’s newest album more an more
  • I think I’m really going to enjoy LeaderSync tonight at Creekside.
  • I am looking forward to some future ideas that have been percolating in my brain

That’s that.