Church Prayer . . . Moms’ Day

Today I had the privilege to pray during our church service, every time I get to pray is a privilege. Sometimes I know exactly what I am supposed to pray, and other times I don’t know and I start praying and God talks to me while I’m praying. It sounds weird I know, and IContinue reading “Church Prayer . . . Moms’ Day”

Somedays are better than others

So somedays you might feel like you are working on a problem with no solution.  Can you imagine the kid who started this maze, only to realize that there is no solution?  That would suck.  My three year old would totally flip out. Circumstances and situations often feel like this, but there is always aContinue reading “Somedays are better than others”

Earl Creps – Twitter – Who Cares?

Read this post from Earl Creps about twitter.  He essentially points out that few 18-24 year olds are using twitter, and he presents a variety of reasons for this.  Twitter’s users are generally older than most would assume, many CEO’s, business people, moms, pastors and so on are using twitter, and a large number ofContinue reading “Earl Creps – Twitter – Who Cares?”