Question From Jonah Sermon

I received this question from Sunday’s teaching “Where do they think the fish deposited Jonah? Ninevah looks like a landlocked city.” It would make sense that since Jonah was sailing on the Mediterranean Sea that he would be deposited on the that coast line.  Nineveh was land locked, so where ever he was deposited heContinue reading “Question From Jonah Sermon”

Know Your Limits

Creekside is launching a Spiritual Growth initiative this fall, E3.  It’s a 3 year journey, and it’s not easy.  Our hope with this Spiritual Growth journey is that it would develop disciples who will discover their personal mission in the Kingdom of God.  There is a weekly group meeting, connecting with a mentor, reading throughoutContinue reading “Know Your Limits”

Beloit Mindset Study

Here it is this years mindset list for incoming highschool freshman: (The Beloit College Mindset Lists for previous years are available at . The current list and a webcast interview with the authors will be posted there at 12:01 a.m.on August 18.) BELOIT COLLEGE RELEASES MINDSET LIST FOR THE CLASS OF 2013 Beloit, Wis.Continue reading “Beloit Mindset Study”