Leaving on a Jet Plane

Kathy, Judah, Jocelyn, my parents and I are all going to board an airplane this morning, fly across the country, and go to DisneyWorld. I’m really looking forward to this time away from my normal routine. I’m looking forward to spending a week with my family to laugh and play together. I’m looking forward toContinue reading “Leaving on a Jet Plane”

Some Thoughts On Learning

I am a learner. Not just because I’m in school. It’s the way I am. I love learning. I love the process of learning. I love new ideas and letting them dance around my head with old ideas. Sometimes I have to give old ideas eviction notices to make room for some better renters. IContinue reading “Some Thoughts On Learning”

Thursday Theology vol. 1 Salvation

Alright, I’m not a great theologian or anything, but I am a theology student. I believe that Theology is crucial for faithful christian living. You have to know what you believe. Yesterday I wrote some thoughts on the Bible. Today I want to share some thoughts on Salvation. God is not a vengeful, spiteful being.Continue reading “Thursday Theology vol. 1 Salvation”

The Bible – God’s Story

I Believe that God, the creator of Heaven and Earth, even the entire universe, spoke his creation into existence (Genesis 1). I believe that God’s words have particular importance to how humans are supposed to live in this world he has created. The Bible is the collection of Books that we believe compile the storyContinue reading “The Bible – God’s Story”